Carpenter Performing Arts Center

Campus Connections


Acclaimed choreographer Bill T. Jones setting his piece, Reading Mercy and the Artificial Nigger, on CSULB dance students. Photo by Stefano Paltera 

The Carpenter Performing Arts Center is not just a beautiful theatre presenting the best in national and international performing arts. It is also a vibrant part of the CSULB College of the Arts, providing opportunities for all CSULB students to expand and enrich their knowledge and appreciation of the arts. When professional artists visit Long Beach to perform on the Carpenter Center stage, the theatre’s Campus Connections program links them to faculty and students, to augment curriculum and expand student appreciation of the arts in real-world context. Campus Connections helps place the arts at the center of academic life, fostering deep, reflective and critical thinking.


Professional dancers work with dance students. Professional musicians work with music students. Professional actors work with theatre arts students. But that’s not all. Artists engage with students in History, Art, Human Development, Comparative and World Literature, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, and other departments. Professional artists bring their world experience to CSULB classrooms, enlarging the scope of student learning on campus, and providing exciting connections to the world off campus.


Campus Connections is guided by faculty serving on the Campus Connections Advisory Council. Some faculty members participated in the Carpenter Center’s landmark two-year initiative on censorship, the B-Word Project, that established the theatre’s relationship with several academic departments. The Campus Connections Advisory Council provides a link between the theatre and faculty from all campus departments, creating new relationships to benefit students and enrich their CSULB education.


Campus Connections is funded by the CSULB Fund for Instructionally-Related Activities.