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Wit & Wisdom Series

Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad

The Miracle of Indoor Plumbing

Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 8pm

Jad Abumrad is the host and creator of the award-winning public radio program Radiolab—his popular podcast is second only to This American Life. A journalist and composer, Abumrad orchestrates dialogue, music, interviews and sound effects to draw listeners into investigations of otherwise intimidating topics such as the nature of numbers or the evolution of altruism.

Jad is also the executive producer and creator of More Perfect, Radiolab's spin-off series that makes Supreme Court decisions understandable to listeners and uncovers the impact the Court's rulings have on our safety, our money, and even our relationships.

Join Jad in an immersive evening of music, video and storytelling, and discover the hidden ingredients key to the stories that inspire, change and connect us all.


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Jad Abumrad: The Miracle of Indoor Plumbing

2019-2020 Season


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